Image of A Family of Their Own (Love Inspired)


Image of A Family of Their Own (Love Inspired)
A FAMILY OF THEIR OWN (4) by Gail Gaymer Martin: Kelsey Rhodes feels guilty about not being able to get Ross Salburg into the Mothers of Special Kids organization. Ross needs someone to share his life with who understands having a child with a debilitating illness, and realizes he is drawn to Kelsey as that someone. Hoping their daughters will bond, has Kelsey spends a lot of time with Ross, but can a relationship between them lead anywhere, with all their energy focused on their ill children? The second story in Martin’s series involving children with life-threatening illnesses gives insight into the stress this places on a parent who wants what’s best for their child, including a happy and healthy caregiver and a strong faith in God.
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley