Delinsky's breakout novel
is an illuminating view of one family's search for
the truth when their world turns upside down. The characters are vividly drawn with masterful detail in this one-of-a-kind book. As the author delves deep into a controversial and timely social issue, she exposes the societal hypocrisy and the ramifications of events that hit too close to home.

Dana and Hugh Clarke seem to have the perfect life. Hugh is a successful New England attorney with an impressive lineage -- his ancestors came to America on the Mayflower. The couple is ecstatic at the birth of their first child, but they are concerned that their daughter appears to have African-American features. Hugh insists that Dana search for the father she has never met to discover the truth about her family history even as he entertains thoughts that Dana may have had an affair.

His doubts about Dana's fidelity threaten to destroy their solid marriage as his very upper-crust family distances themselves from Dana and the baby. Dana finds solace in the tranquility of her grandmother's yarn shop while she tries to repair her fracturing marriage. (Ballantine, Feb., 368 pp., $25.95)
Reviewed by: 
Ruth Cox