The irrepressible side of superstar Mary Balogh tickles our fancy in incomparable fashion in this clever tale of love and marriage in Regency England.

Under ordinary circumstances, Miss Cora Downes, daughter of a wealthy merchant, would never have become the darling of the ton. But Cora proves herself a heroine by rescuing the nephew and heir to a duke from certain drowning and is brought to London for the Season by a grateful family.

Cora's presence of mind, however, deserts her in the face of all of these titled ladies and gentleman. Only with Lord Francis Kneller can she be her natural self, a lady of wit and humor. But that ease leads to a compromising set of circumstances that results in what she thinks will be a marriage of convenience.

Ms. Balogh beautifully blends poignant love and delicious laughter into a sparkling tale no Regency connoisseur could possibly resist. (Feb., 224 pp., $4.50)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer