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Smart and well paced, with more twists than a mountain road, Martin's latest is one of her best yet. Sophie's first-person point of view keeps the focus tight and makes the killer's identity virtually impossible to guess.

On her last day at Quantico prior to reassignment to L.A., profiler Sophie Anderson gives famous crime novelist Loretta Black and her assistant a tour of the Behavioral Analysis Unit. When Sophie arrives in L.A., she learns that Loretta has been murdered. Soon Sophie's working the case with Beverly Hills homicide detective Dave Sorrell.

Black's murder was strikingly similar to one in her latest book, and some digging unearths another author's equally suspicious death. Then a third author disappears, upping the ante before Sophie and Sorrell even have a viable suspect. Could one of Black's family members be capable of such heinous crimes? Only time will tell, but that's the one thing Sophie and Sorrell don't have much of. (MIRA, Jul., 480 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer