At 19, Fancy Cranson is a taxi dancer for Big Myrt, and the woman-starved loggers of Dawsons Camp. Its a hard existence, but one of the few ways Fancy can earn enough to support herself and her mentally-handicapped cousin, Lenny, after her fathers death.

Unlike the other dancers, Fancy doesnt sell herself, but Chance Dawson refuses to believe the new blonde isnt available for a price. Shocked by Fancys rebuff, Chance resolves to persuade her into his bed. Tragedy provides him with the opportunity.

When Fancys sister and her husband drown, their young son is left orphaned. As his aunt, Fancy believes she has a claim to Tod, until she learns Chance is his uncle. A shared household leads to passion.

Norah Hess has supplied a rough-and-tumble supporting cast of loggers, a knife-wielding prostitute, and a ghostly woman who haunts the camp. The lively action in this latest release is sure to catch your FANCY. SENSUAL (May, 441 pp., $4.99—originally published in 1995)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Royce