As a rule, vampire Rhys Young never gets involved with mortals--except to feed off the dregs of society. Then, one evening, he does something out of the ordinary--he rescues sweet, mortal Jane from an attempted rape. To save her from himself, Rhys walks away from Jane. But fate draws them together again that night when a vengeful vampire attacks them. The next morning, Rhys awakens beside Jane and neither remembers the previous evening's events. In fact, Rhys does not remember the past 200 years--or his lust for blood. He believes he's a 19th-century English viscount betrothed to Jane and madly in love.

Jane has no clue her amnesiac hero is a vampire. To her, he's a sexy, warm-hearted man who needs her. Even though Rhys has a few minor quirks--a strange sun allergy, a protein drink fetish and a mirror aversion--he completes her world like no other man. And he can do the most delightful little nibbling thing. Will Jane lose Rhys and her heart to his hidden, dark memories?

Love puts a fresh, fun, vampiric spin on the classic amnesia plot. Watching the uptight Rhys fall head over heels is wildly funny, sweetly romantic and irresistibly sexy! (Sep., 320 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mitchell