Michael Brown enters a West Hollywood nightclub looking for Cleopatra Lutz. He knows all about her, but she knows nothing about him.

Michael, who has strong mental powers, was companion to nightwalker Vladimir Rostin for decades. (That's what Cleo's people call themselves, instead of vampires.) But Vlad has found his bloodmate, leaving Michael in search of another nightwalker to choose him as companion.

Cleo has been snacking on delivery men for weeks -- she orders food, then mesmerizes and feeds -- but it's no longer satisfying. She can feel herself being read but can't pinpoint the source. It seems that someone knows who she is, and there's something very different about him.

Starr writes a strong, sensitive and memorable love story filled with plenty of sex. Michael's sensitivity and his treatment of Cleo are touching. The pacing is excellent, although their new relationship is compressed into a short timeframe. The feelings are real, though, and this is a terrific book that's difficult to put down. (dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Leigh Rowling