Adam Hawthorne, Earl of Blackwood, doesn't trust women, but he's enchanted by a young lady he sees every morning in the park.

Jillian Whitney, Lord Fenwick's ward, has seen the handsome man on horseback staring at her, but it isn't until the night she is found standing over Lord Fenwick's body that she discovers she needs his help.

Fleeing the scene, Jillian literally runs into Adam who takes her home to sort out the problem, vowing to uncover the truth; is Jillian a seductress and murderess or an innocent?

As his investigation starts to uncover possible motives and a long list of suspects, many subplots also emerge. The romance and heated desire that grows between Adam and Jillian is only one of them. There is the sweet secondary romance between Adam's sister and his friend, the tender and emotionally touching plotline centering on Adam and the young boy who might be his illegitimate son, as well as the mystery at the heart of the novel.

Mistrust and old memories must be overcome and a killer unmasked, as the passion heats up and readers' emotions are touched when Kat Martin draws us into this pleasant evening's read. SENSUAL (Aug., 396 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin