Regina McNeill and her friends enjoy the game of sharing their most secret fantasies. When her friends decide Regina needs to fulfill her sexual fantasies, she makes up an impossible scenario and agrees to meet a blind date to humor them.

When she meets Dmitri Vidame, the attraction is electrifying, and her dark fascination for him is frightening. She becomes obsessed with pleasuring this man and being pleasured by him. Her wildest fantasies are nothing compared to the reality of this extraordinary lover who knows no inhibitions and can read her heart. The power of their loving rocks her world.

Vampire erotica fans will find a winner in this darkly fascinating story of sexual obsession and deepest desires. Christine Warren pens the classic bad-boy alpha hero whose libido is insatiable, and he knows every woman's secret dreams. Ladies, be careful what you wish for! (dl $6.20)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Whitesel