For 2000 years, former Spartan warrior Julian of Macedon has been cursed by the gods to be a love slave trapped within the pages of a book. His torture is to be forced to the will of his summoners for one month, only to be returned to the book until the next summoning.

Grace Alexander is a modern day sex therapist who doesn't exactly practice what she preaches. After a painful college experience, Grace shied away from any romantic entanglements. Her eccentric best friend Selena is determined to jumpstart Grace's celibate lifestyle and turns to magic for help. On Grace's birthday, Selena drunkenly convinces her to participate in a ritual that unleashes Julian from his prison.

Once Grace sobers up, she is horrified by Julian's sudden appearance and wants nothing to do with him. Never in 2000 years has a woman rejected Julian's advances. Once Grace starts to probe Julian's past, she discovers that his is a very complicated and dark tale. Julian is a child of the gods, and Aphrodite is the mother who abandoned him. Grace decides that while Julian may have made terrible mistakes, he does not deserve this endless torment. Can they find a way to break his eternal curse?

Sherrilyn Kenyon has created an extremely sexy and wonderfully creative novel that will spice up readers' lives. Not only is the book sensual and exciting, but it is filled with poignant emotion and tender love. Quite a read! (Feb., 320 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith