Image of Fantasyland


Image of Fantasyland

Bardsley's tale is a bit like Fantasy Island, only with much more emphasis on sex. She presents a quintet of loosely connected, interesting stories with a small amount of plot. The stories include menage à trois, anal sex, consensual bondage and BDSM with male doms.

Carrie's husband is about to make her greatest sexual fantasy a reality in "Two for One." In "I Only Have Eyes for You," Rhiannon is ready to give up on her fantasies when she meets Jake, who offers to fulfill them all. Lissa, on Pirate Island to research her latest book, discovers things about younger man Sam she never imagined in "The Pirate's Pursuit."

When Claire becomes a participant in a BDSM slave auction, she discovers the real reason her boss wants her to keep working for him in "A Bond Like No Other." In "Seduce Me," Glenna is sent to the Isle of Romance by her mother and chooses Sean as a companion, unaware he works for the resort. (Signet Eclipse, Nov., 288 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley