Image of Far Gone


Image of Far Gone

Griffin’s latest grabs the reader right from the start. Her crisp storytelling, multifaceted characters and excellent pacing are the highlights of this story. An intriguing plot, thick tension and the sizzling chemistry between the tough Jon and equally tough yet vulnerable Andrea show Griffin’s expertise at crafting one solid, complete, action-packed story. A highly entertaining read.

A desperate phone call from her brother, Gavin, has Det. Andrea Finch travelling to Maverick, Texas, on the trail of Shay Hardin, the man with whom Gavin has been staying. FBI agent Jon North is in Maverick, too, on an undercover assignment, tracking Shay and trying to gather evidence against him for a murder. Jon wants Andrea to stop interfering with his assignment and leave, but Andrea refuses. When evidence links Gavin to the murder, the stakes get higher for Jon and Andrea, especially after an attraction sparks between them and their hearts are now involved. (GALLERY, Apr., 384 pp, $18.00)

Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates