A lot has happened during the past year in picturesque Coldwater Cove, WA. Former NY Attorney Raine Cantrell has married Olympic County Sheriff Jack OHalloran and started a law practice with Jacks cousin Dan OHalloran.

Lilith Lindstrom Ryan, the free-spirited mother of Raine and Savannah has married Cooper Ryan her old love, and matriarch Dr. Ida Lindstrom is still working as the foster mother of troubled teenager Gwen. With everyone elses life seemingly on track, Savannah Townsend makes her own emancipation statement by divorcing her two-timing husband. Her decision to move back to Coldwater Cove feels right, but making her new dream of her own B&B a reality will take a lot of hard work.

The derelict old Far Harbor Lighthouse could be converted into a unique and special inn, if Savannah can ever convince irascible old Henry Hyatt to sell it to her.

Dan OHalloran finds that he is becoming more and more involved in the lives of the Lindstrom women. His attraction to Savannah is deep, but he realizes that her past pain will make convincing her of his sincerity no easy feat.

For decades Ida has been the glue that has held this family together, but age is taking its toll, as Savannah and Raine begin to notice disturbing signs that could signal the onset of a health crisis.

FAR HARBOR is the enchanting and warmhearted sequel to Ms. Ross earlier novel HOMEPLACE. The lives of these special people are played out beautifully on the pages of this touching and exceptional novel. (Feb., 356 pp, $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith