While fishing off the Mendocino coast, Adam Kirkpatric is horrified to witness a woman being swept off the rocks into the ocean. With no thought for his own safety, Adam dives in and rescues her.

Attorney Miranda Dolan would have welcomed death, in fact she had been courting it. Adam's rescue forces her back into contact with humanity, something she has been desperately trying to avoid. Adam is attracted and fascinated by the enigmatic woman, and the difference in their ages means nothing. Slowly and persistently, Adam forces Miranda out of her shell.

The loss of her husband and daughter, plus the guilt she harbors, has damaged Miranda's very soul. A former high-powered attorney, she can't understand why Adam has no apparent career ambition. Despite appearances, Adam is the heir to a corporation currently run by his mother. Adam, however, much prefers to directly impact the lives of people, and is taking time out to live and work near his best friend, Jason, who is slowly dying of AIDS.

Adam knows that Miranda is the love of his life, but can his gentle love and acceptance help her to heal? In the end, only Miranda can conquer her demons and take the first steps towards a new life.

The sensational Georgia Bockoven has written a stunning and heart-wrenching novel guaranteed to touch the soul. FAR FROM HOME is her greatest triumph yet. (May, 336 pp, $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith