Image of Farewell To Dreams (Fatal Insomnia)


Image of Farewell To Dreams (Fatal Insomnia)

Farewell to Dreams is a fast-moving, action-packed thriller that takes place in an extremely limited time period. Told in both first and third-person, the story keeps readers’ attention to the very end. This dark tale doesn’t give anyone a definitive happily ever after.

Dr. Angela Rossi first meets the new detective in sex crimes, Matthew Ryder, when he comes to the ER with a gash in his head. Their introduction is interrupted when a shooting victim, a nun, is brought in. As Angela attempts to save her life, she has what she hopes is a hallucination — the dead nun tells her to protect a girl. This message sends Angela on the hunt for the missing girl, and she comes face to face with a depraved side of humanity. (CJLYONS.NET, Jun., 356 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley