Image of Fascinated


Image of Fascinated

Set in Regency-era England, Fascinated is an interesting mix of the supernatural and magical with the real world, with the fairies creating all kinds of havoc. Amidst the chaos is a good share of hot, page-turning sex and intrigue. The sexual high jinks are what actually keep this story moving along.

Lord Edward Carstairs’ sheltered fiancée Alicia Hartwell exhibits strange behavior, which has Carstairs wondering if she is a witch. He’s in a group of secret agents in charge of controlling the fairie population. The agents hold Alicia captive while Carstairs tries to break the curse surrounding her, using voyeurism and ménage activity. As he and Alicia fall in love, he begins to reevaluate his life. (HEAT, June, 330 pp, $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Laura Ellis