Becca Davis is tired of playing it safe. She dreams of a career in fashion design, but her reality is living at home and becoming engaged to the bland boyfriend who wants to make all of her decisions. When Becca has an unexpected opportunity to move to L.A., she grabs it.

Soon she dumps her fiance and embarks on a new path. As Becca learns to negotiate in her infinitely more exciting environment, she hits some major hurdles and must quickly decide which life suits her best.

Becca is charming, loveable and very easy for the reader to root for from the first to last page of this romantic comedy. Kendrick does an excellent job of setting the scene and letting her beautifully drawn characters tell the story. She has a delicious and intriguing suitor, and the relationship between Becca and her two older sisters is spot-on. The glittery and not always welcoming setting of L.A. serves the story well as Becca struggles to find success and love without surrendering her optimism. This is truly a delight to read. (Jan., 320 pp., $13.00)
Reviewed by: 
Stephanie Schneider