Vig Morgan is an associate editor at a glossy women's magazine called Fashionista. The editor-in-chief is a major bitch, the events editor is a miserable bastard, their articles and features are repetitive and ridiculous and, well, it's just not much fun to work at. Claws are bared and things start to get interesting when the editor-in-chief's longtime rival comes on board as editorial director. When Vig is asked by some fellow associate editors to join a plot to depose the EIC she doesn't know what to do!

Author Messina works in magazines, and you can't help wondering if the backstabbing and scheming she writes about are fact or fiction! This fast-paced novel has some excellent twists and is a blast to read, but the romantic subplot could have been better developed. (Mar., 288 pp., $12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Samantha J. Gust