The smart and savvy women of the Sisterhood are back, and they take on their biggest assignment to date. This story has all that you've come to expect from Michaels -- it's fast paced and full of action. This time some of the girls' significant others play a larger role and complement the ladies -- they are sharp, daring and just plain fun. When friends and lovers all work together, exciting things can be accomplished!

This latest adventure finds the members of the Sisterhood back in the United States after an enforced exile, and setting up their headquarters on Big Pine Mountain in North Carolina. Even before everything is in place, some mysterious guests -- who are their new employers, according to their mentor, Charles Martin -- visit the women.

When they hear what their new assignment is, they realize it will be their biggest and most dangerous mission yet. If they can complete it, they will be unbelievably rewarded and, in turn, will be able to help those in need. The group can't even think in terms of failure. In fact, there are a few good men out there who can help the Sisterhood achieve the seemingly impossible. (ZEBRA, Jul., 272 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers