Image of Fast Track


Image of Fast Track

A shocking family secret upends the life of Garwood’s newest heroine in this sizzling romantic thriller. Raised by her widowed father, teacher Cordelia Kane has been blessed with being a daddy’s girl and having lifelong BFFs. Her father’s unexpected death shatters Cordie, particularly in light of his confession that her mother didn’t die but abandoned them. This tale of treachery and danger crosses continents in style, and long-time fans will be excited to catch up with previous heroines Regan and Sophie as well as the sexy Madison brothers.

When her self-made millionaire father confesses on his deathbed that Cordie’s mother dumped them because she wanted to go home to her wealthy family, Cordie is shocked and angry. She is also curious as to what type of woman could be so uncaring. It takes some investigating but the trail leads to Sydney, Australia. Hotel magnate Aiden Madison has known Cordie since childhood as she is his sister Regan’s BFF. Aiden takes Cordie to Sydney in order to help her face her mother. However, with money, prestige and power on the line, dangerous events follow. (DUTTON, Aug., 352 pp., $26.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith