Book Review

by Jennifer Crusie

Genre: Contemporary Romance

2001 Best Contemporary Novel Award Winner

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After spending the 18 months following her divorce in a semi-comatose state, Nell Dysart knows she must now get her act together.

Luckily her former brother-in-law arranges for her to interview with Gabe McKenna, head of McKenna Investigations, who is looking for a temporary receptionist. It is fortunate that Jack Dysart has smoothed the way since the interview is less than stellar.

Nell wastes little time shaking things upher first day on the job she uncovers an embezzler. She then proceeds to help rescue a dog and tick off her new boss. But Nells machinations have unexpected consequences and Gabe begins to suspect there may be a dark secret involving his deceased father and Nells former in-laws. Digging up that secret may be costly for all.

With humor, irony and a whole lot of wit, Jennifer Crusie straps in her readers and takes them on a memorable ride. This is a master storyteller! (May, 352 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed By: Jill M. Smith

Publisher: St. Martin's

Published: May 2001

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Fast Women. Indeed.

Submitted by Oliva Love on June 25, 2010 - 2:50am.

A friend from work loves this book so much she said she loans it out to all her friends and if they don't return it she buy a new copy. Lucky me. I now think I might know why they weren't returning it, they were trying to save future friends.

Where to start? It was funny at first. The whole job interview where she destroys his office had me giggling. From there, it all went down hill.

Let's start with Gabe, he is sleeping with his ex-wife and treats her like a stupid whore. Literally. He just wants her to spread her legs and shut up. Their whole relationship made my hackles rise. I was very glad when she left. My opinion of him however did not improve. I could understand his frustrations with Nell undermining his authority in his own business however that is no excuse for the way he treated her or the things he said. He might be a loyal spouse but he wasn't a very good guy.

Nell. She slept with Riley on the 3rd day (does this explain the title "Fast Women"?). Class act that one. Knowing she was going to end up with Gabe and that she slept with Riley just bothered me. By the end of her first week she was acting like she owned the place. Being yelled at turns her on. Mmmkay. She was bossy, always thought she was right and she didn't listen any better than those she accused of the same crime. Not someone I would want working for me or as a friend.

Suze. Hated her. I had no sympathy for her character at all. I admit I was disgusted with the whole 18 year old cheerleader bit for dirty old man Jack and their entire relationship in general. She was so conceited. It bothered her that Riley wasn't flirting with her? As a friend I supposed she was fine however as a person in general, horrible. The whole kissing Nell thing was strange as well.

Riley was at least a funny guy and honest. I might have liked him more if he didn't sleep with anything that moved and if there wasn't a foreced connection between him and Suze. His obsession with Suze just confirmed her conceit.

Speaking of forced connections, Lu and Jase? Overkill. Margie and the whole murder and blackmail mystery was crazy. Almost as crazy as Margie herself. In the end, I still am not completely clear on who did what to whom and when.

China obsession, yawn. The dog was annoying. I think I would have enjoyed the book more if it had more focus.