Image of Fatal Error (Repairman Jack)


Image of Fatal Error (Repairman Jack)

The end of the world is at hand for every cell-phoning, tweeting, blogging junkie on the planet when two evil forces come together to open the way for another reality, and there’s only one man out there who might be able to stop it. Repairman Jack has got to be one of the greatest characters ever. Tough-guy Jack thinks he’s a loner, but as his personal circle widens, it’s becoming clear that Jack’s life is bigger than even he thinks. When all things start pointing to the end of humanity, Jack’s the guy to turn to because he never quits.

Computer tech Munir Habib’s life is a nightmare. A man kidnaps his family, warning him not to go to the authorities. Before he knows it, Munir is jumping to answer his tormentor’s calls, eating pork, drinking alcohol and even exposing himself on a public street to save their lives. When a friend realizes the problem, he tells Munir there’s an alternative: Repairman Jack. Jack takes the job, even though he’s still involved in the shadow war between the Ally and the Otherness, responsible for protecting the Lady, the embodiment of the consciousness of Earth. At the same time, the Septimus Order and the Kickers are working together to extinguish the Lady and a young woman’s newly born child might be the host for the coming of future evil. Are all these things happening independently or is there some larger plot that could be the end of the Lady — and perhaps mankind? (TOR, Nov., 348 pp., $25.99)

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper