For those Fatal readers hoping to get in on the Sam and Nick honeymoon action, take a walk. This is a very different read than the other Fatal installments, mainly because we know that Sam and Nick are going to be okay. Sure, they may be the targets of a homicidal maniac, but their relationship is solid. That said, this novel does a good job of bringing readers into Sam and Nick’s new life to spend time with the people that populate it. Fatal diehards will appreciate the integration of all the couples, which is as flawless as the integration of Sam’s family into the series. Another one of Force’s main strengths with this series is she consistently addresses issues of deep concern to women such as stalking, immigration status, fertility issues and sexual assault. This novel’s real achievement is the smart, sensitive way it documents the struggle of DC cop Jeannie McBride to deal with the emotional challenges of life after being raped. Force shares how the trauma has changed Jeannie’s relationship with unyielding honesty and respect, which readers are sure to appreciate.

Lieutenant Sam Holland is acting unlike herself: she doesn’t want to go to work. But after having two weeks of honeymoon bliss can anyone blame her? Sam just wants stability and plenty of time with her new husband Senator Nick Cappuano. However, the settled married life she craves is not to be. First, she discovers their wedding cards have been laced with eerie death threats, and it’s not clear who is in the cross hairs. Then murders start happening and well-liked community members are picked off with no obvious motive or suspect in sight. To top it all off, Sam has hit a wall in her hunt for answers to a longstanding family mystery. As Sam puts the different puzzles together, she realizes they may be related. But who could want to harm her now and when will she and Nick be able to enjoy their fairy tale ending? (CARINA PRESS, February, dl., $2.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Maria Planansky