Marie Force’s second novel in the Fatal series is an outstanding romantic suspense in its own right; that it follows the fantastic first installment only sweetens the read. This novel focuses on Lieutenant Sam Holland and Senator Nick Cappuano, two lovebirds trying to turn a whirlwind romance into a successful relationship despite their demanding professions. Force parallels the tension between the couple with the violence that Sam investigates with powerful results. Force also shines with the cast of secondary characters including Sam’s virginal partner Det. Freddie Cruz, whose budding relationship with a more experienced woman complements the plotline well. The mystery is engaging, but the true thrill in this tale is Nick and Sam’s teetering relationship. Who knew emotional vulnerabilities and habitual self-protection could be as powerful as a shotgun?

Now that the press has gotten wind of Sam’s steamy relationship with Senator Nick Cappuano, this beautiful police officer has been dodging flashbulbs instead of bullets. But when she’s called in on D.C.’s latest high profile homicide, the murder of polarizing Supreme Court nominee Julian Sinclair, Sam is once again put in danger, much to Nick’s dismay. When the investigation into the string of shootings reveals long-hidden secrets, the political fallout has the potential to devastate many careers. Sam digs in deeper despite the increasing violence, but will her investigation destroy her new relationship with Nick? (Carina Press, January 2011, dl. $5.99) *Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Maria Planansky