Marine researcher Melis Nemid senses something's wrong. Her foster father, Philip Lontana, hasn't been home in over seven months. In the interim, she's been busy with her own research, thanks to the help of two special dolphins named Susie and Pete.

Melis finally gets a cryptic phone message from Phil, who mentions both billionaire adventurer Jed Kelby and the lost city of Marinth, and she leaves immediately for Athens to track him down. Phil also has been leaving cryptic messages for Jed, who shares his fascination with the legendary Marinth. When Jed and Melis finally meet, it is in the wake of disaster—following an explosion that destroys Phil and his boat.

While Melis would like to forget all about Marinth, a vicious killer forces her into the hunt. Choosing the lesser evil, Melis join forces with the tough and arrogant Jed. It is now a race to see who can unlock the secrets of Marinth.

Johansen has penned an old-fashioned quest that's quite a thrill ride. This aquatic adventure is a rich combination of danger, thrills, savagery and romance. (Sep., 336 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith