San Francisco Homicide Inspector Kate Gillespie has busted her butt solving the cases entrusted to her. She's also helping to raise her 13-year-old nephew, Kevin, son of her late brother Sean, who was also a police officer. Sean died 12 years ago in an apparent drug overdose, and Kevin's drug addicted mother abandoned the baby, so Kate and her Aunt Molly share parenting duties.

Kate is supposed to be on vacation, but a frantic call from a snitch brings her out on a dark night. Kate arrives in time to witness the shooting of the unarmed snitch…by another cop. Barely escaping with her life, Kate is torn about what to do. Before his death, Squeaky claimed that they were "all in on it." The one person Kate trusts is Internal Affairs Officer Mike Torrance, so she contacts him covertly. Things get more complicated when the officer who shot Squeaky and tried to kill Kate is himself killed in a hit and run. As Kate and Mike attempt to unravel the mystery, the trail gets more tangled and reaches deep into the department and the past.

This is one dark and twisted tale that is guaranteed to place readers on the edge of their seats. Robin Burcell, who is a police officer as well as an author, gives a realistic edge to this dramatic and suspenseful story. (Aug., 288 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith