On her way home from work, gifted Morgan Smith senses dark waves of psychic power at play in a man named Darien who she meets by chance on the subway. Fearing the man will incite further evil, she turns to the police. When they dont believe her and a family becomes the target of arson, she flees town. Four years later, Morgan is happily settled in a small town. Then, incredibly, Darien turns up claiming to be The Messiah, and murder soon follows.

Gabriel Walsh is an ex-Navy SEAL who has decided it is finally time to retire and live life. He too settles in the little no name town, quickly setting his sights on Morgan. Though she is wary of a relationship, together, can they figure out how to bring Darien down?

This book starts out with a murder, and that is just the beginning. Fast-paced, exciting and extremely intriguing, I highly recommend FATAL VISION. (May, dl $4.95, cd $9.95, $15.99 paperback)

Reviewed by: 
Kathy Boswell