Robyn thinks it's ironic that her last name is Fortune. When it comes to her life, she feels like she's on the short end of the stick. A failed marriage, a job as a makeup artist for an egomaniacal news anchor and her ex-husband's gambling debts definitely do not make for a charmed life. Her saving grace is her wicked sense of humor, which she tries to parlay into a career as a comedian.

Robyn's luck is pushed to the limit when her mother suddenly announces that she's leaving her father and moving in with her. Then Robyn accepts a bribe to go out on a blind "pity date" with Ken Danziger, and her luck seems to change. Things get stranger when she learns that she and Ken are linked by their pasts. Are they destined to be together, or is this just a random coincidence?

This is a charming story of about down-on-her-luck girl who manages to find the humor in every situation. Robyn's efforts to be optimistic and true to herself make for some funny moments. (Aug., 368 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Nasha Kanai