Image of With Fate Conspire


Image of With Fate Conspire

Brennan returns to the faerie world of the Onyx Court, hidden beneath London for hundreds of years. Appealing characters, a fully realized historical setting and more than a touch of steampunk flavoring collide to create a book that is difficult to put down. You’ll be left wanting more.

This fourth book in the series brings us Eliza O’Malley, who is searching for her childhood sweetheart. Gone for seven years, she believes the fairies took him, but no one will hear of such nonsense. She refuses to give up her search, which leads her down paths she only ever dreamed of. Dead Rick’s path will soon cross Eliza’s, as the goblin’s search for his stolen memories brings him to the discovery that his boss and captor is attempting to open a way back to Faerie itself through the most extraordinary means possible. The Onyx Court is crumbling, unable to withstand the tide of the industrial revolution and the iron railways it brings. If the fae cannot discover the means to save themselves, all they ever were will surely be lost. And what of Queen Lune? Hers is a unique torment; how can she preserve the court she so loves when she is a fragment of her former self? As above, so below; if the court is lost, what becomes of Victorian London itself? (TOR, Sep., 528 pp., $27.99)

Reviewed by: 
Elise Tobler