Image of Fated


Image of Fated

Zanetti provides some new angles on vampire and werewolf lore, but overburdens her tale with background details. The interesting take on the mythology of paranormal beings is moderated by the somewhat unlikable main characters — ending up with an overall fine, but average story. Cara’s bad judgment and giggles seem inappropriate for a scientist, while Talen often seems misguided and heavyhanded in his dealings with Cara.

A centuries-old truce has been broken, rekindling a war between ancients. Two classes of vampires face off, with assistance from their paranormal allies. Cara is a scientist with paranormal skills who is fated to be the mate of war-leader vampire Talen — fulfilling an important need, since the vampires cannot reproduce without human mates. Talen escapes with Cara to the vampires’ mountain stronghold. There they plot to find the opposing evil vampires’ secret labs, where they are experimenting on women hostages. Cara’s young daughter also has paranormal skills and sees things that foreshadow future battles. (BRAVA, Mar., 336 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan