This novella has a small town hominess that is the perfect backdrop for this friends-to-lovers story. With fast paced dialogue and well-written characters, readers will wish they could spend more time with the cast of this wonderful tale. If only all high school crushes turned out this way!

After getting her heart broken by a man who thought she was "second best," Kate Andews is determined to never be in such a position again. So when her longtime crush Nick asks her out, she assumes he is only looking for a rebound girl and refuses.

When his date requests are turned down repeatedly, Nick is afraid he might be too late discovering what an amazing woman Kate is. But he has one last idea to get Kate’s attention. With a little help, Nick coaxes Kate to his cabin for a romantic dinner. Now all he has to do is convince Kate that he is looking for forever. (BERKLEY, Dec., dl., $1.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Eve Polak