In Devlin's "Warlord's Destiny," a strong man is brought to his knees by an equally strong woman. Lord Tetrik and Mora are pledged to marry. Tetrik is the leader of the fearsome, barbaric Kronaki warriors; Mora comes from a peaceful, cultivated world that needs the warriors' help. She will marry Terik but is determined to win his love -- even if he's been raised to believe that love for a woman is a frivolous thing, not a warlord's destiny. Interesting, attractive personalities make this read especially powerful.

Painter's "Love Me Tomorrow" has human warrior leader Shalene Courers trying to protect what remains of Earth from the Demrons, a lizard race from space. When she captures Mecah, who appears to be helping the Demrons, she discovers he's not what she thought he'd be. Shalene recognizes the passion between them, but Mecah knows she's his kismet mate. If they can stay alive, he might convince her. Humor adds enjoyment to this adventure.

Humor is also a part of Boyett–Compo's "Secrets of the Wind." Major Chastain Neff is one of the elite Riezell Guardians, who protect the rich and powerful. She's assigned to guard Prince Ruan from a determined assassin, but she has to work without his knowledge because the prince not only thinks he can take care of himself, he also believes he should protect her. This excellent anthology of top writers reads like the wind. All the stories are strong, with wonderful heroes and heroines and hot sex. Plus, each has an interesting twist that elevates them above the average. (dl $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor