Image of Fateful


Image of Fateful

Claudia Gray leaves behind her Evernight series for a paranormal adventure on the Titanic. Readers will easily connect with heroine Tess, the tortured Alec is good hero material, but it is the violent werewolf Mikhail who truly stands out. This reviewer could almost hear the pads of his paws echoing down the hallways of the famous ship as he relentlessly stalks Tess. The biggest challenge of the story is that readers will become invested in certain characters that do not survive the ship's sinking.

Lady's maid Tess Davies is aboard the Titanic on its maiden voyage to New York, traveling with her employers, the once-wealthy Lisle family. Tess is looking forward to the opportunity to start a new life in America. However, her dreams for the future are jeopardized when she learns that one of their fellow passengers is Mikhail Kalashnikov, the powerful Russian count who is desperate to obtain one of the Lisles' family heirlooms. Mikhail threatened Tess the night before the ship embarked and has made it clear that if he can't use her to get to the heirloom, he'd be happy to kill her. Fortunately for Tess, the young man who saved her that night is also on the vessel, the wealthy American Alec Marlowe. Caught in Mikhail's vicious cross hairs, Tess becomes embroiled in a world she was never supposed to learn about: werewolf politics. Now she must navigate between her duties as a maid, Mikhail's menace and the forbidden love that blooms between her and Alec. In many more ways than Tess expects, this will be a trip that changes her life. (HARPERTEEN, Oct. 2011, 336 pp., HC, $17.99)

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Kate Girard