Upon her family's death, young JoHannah Sims goes to live in a Shaker Village. Content with her life, she plans to stay within the community. However, her guardian's plans shatter that hope.

Forced to leave her secure home, JoHannah manages to delay his plan to "sell" her into marriage by convincing the judge to allow her to nurse Michael Lawne. JoHannah has no idea that he is the man she met one day, a man who despises the Shakers.

Michael has never forgotten the sweet Shaker girl and though he is ill and in fear of losing his leg, he plots to woo her; tempting the gentle beauty to give up her deep convictions.

However JoHannah has a backbone of steel and a will as strong as his own, but somehow fate will find a way to keep them together and allow their forbidden love to thrive.

Known for her original settings and deeply emotional plots, Delia Parr brings to life a rare and wondrous love story filled with emotion and spirituality. SENSUAL (Sept., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin