Image of The Father for Her Son


Image of The Father for Her Son
THE FATHER FOR HER SON (3) by Cindi Myers: When the father of Marlee Britton's son is released from prison, he's determined to get to know Greg and, hopefully, to love Marlee again. At first she can't believe that Troy Denton's first time in jail was an aberration brought on by his desperation to make money when he found out she was pregnant. But Marlee soon realizes there's a difference between Troy and other ex-cons, specifically her own father, and they work at becoming a family. Although Myers delivers a heartwarming tale about second chances, the plot moves too slowly at times and ties up too neatly. Plus, Marlee's feelings seem exaggerated. The story is helped by a secondary plot involving Marlee's father assisting the police.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay