Image of The Father of Her Son


Image of The Father of Her Son
THE FATHER OF HER SON (4) by Kathleen Pickering: Half in love with Kelly Sullivan, a single mom and the owner of a local diner, New York journalist Evan McKenna comes to her aid when someone from his own news station breaks the news that Kelly’s young son, Matt, is the child of a senator who’s about to make a bid for the White House. But when Evan finds out Kelly was raped and young Matt is the result of that crime, he becomes determined to take the senator down. Unfortunately, Kelly’s not sure she can ever trust a man again. Pickering offers a realistic look at the emotional damage rape can cause — and the strength of will it takes to overcome those challenges. Both Kelly’s emotional insecurity and Evan’s desire to bring her abuser to justice seem very authentic.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay