Vermillion, Nevada in 1882 hasnt changed much. In this sequel to A Family for Carter Jones, Jennie Sheridan and Carter are happily married and sister Kate is raising her infant daughter when Kates lover Sean Flaherty, of the Nob Hill San Francisco Flahertys, returns. Seans sorry for breaking Kates heart and determined to become part of her life again, and part of the life of his daughter. Its quickly apparently her love for him has only become stronger, and Kate agrees to marry Sean.

Living in San Francisco in the same house as Seans distant father and haughty, judgmental mother proves as great a test of their love as being apart. When she discovers that the confused, indecisive Sean returned to Vermillion because her sister wrote to him, Kate leaves him.

Now Sean faces winning Kates love, and her trust, for a third time, but this time hes entirely sure his own heart will break if he fails.

Within her poignant recreation of both negative and positive family influences, Ana Seymour affirms that love sometimes needs time to grow, and to grow up, before it gets to become happily ever after. SENSUAL (Apr., 298 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger