A FATHER’S QUEST (4) by Debra Salonen: Jonas Galloway is desperate to find his missing young daughter, whose mother joined a cult while he was in Afghanistan. He turns to his ex-girlfriend and possible half-sister, Remy Bouchard, for help. Remy has psychic revelations when she dreams — she actually found Jonas when he was missing as a child — and he hopes she’ll be able to pinpoint his daughter’s location. But Remy has decided she doesn’t believe in her visions and wants to change her life. The last person she wants to see is the man she once loved — until her mother told them they were probably related and Jonas ran away without finding the truth. Salonen’s characters are real people with real, although somewhat exaggerated, problems. Birdie, once found, is a charming secondary character, and Remy’s gift serves as a catalyst for Remy and Jonas’ rekindled relationship, adding a nice bit of mysticism to the story.

Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay