Image of Fear: 13 Stories of Suspense and Horror


Image of Fear: 13 Stories of Suspense and Horror

If you like listening to urban legends, then this book is for you. The thirteen short stories included in this anthology are quick reads that will leave you wanting more. The stories range from contemporary tales of the macabre to a futuristic tale of murder, so every reader should be able to find a story to fit their mood. Don’t miss Jennifer Allison's "The Perfects", James Rollins "Tagger", and Meg Cabot's "The Night Hunter."

Paranormal stories in the collection include Heather Graham's tale of supernatural creatures as they attempt to one-up each other and Heather Brewer's take on monsters under the bed and what they are after. Readers will also get to know Ryan Brown's unusual heroine and read a first hand account of Alane Ferguson's recently killed high school girl turned ghost. Frighteningly close families that are up to no good can be found in both Jennifer Allison and F. Paul Wilson's stories. Contemporary tales without paranormal elements include R.L. Stine's "Welcome to the Club" which follows a series of alarming teenage pranks and Walter Sorrells' story about a young law breaker that learns crime doesn't pay. Crime fighting crusaders are the focus in Tim Maleeny, Peg Kehret, James Rollins and Meg Cabot's stories. And finally, for something a bit different, Suzanne Weyn takes readers into the future where the humans that have started to inhabit other planets are dropping like flies. (DUTTON, 224 pp., $7.99)

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Dawn Crowne