Life has always been "different" for Moonlight Bay resident Chris Snow. Forced since birth to avoid sunlight and most artificial light due to a rare genetic condition called Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP), Chris lives in the shadowy world of the night.

In many ways Chris has been lucky; his parents managed to prevent him from developing the deadly cancers which threaten the lives of XP individuals. But two years ago, Chris lost his beloved mother, and now his father's death is to be the catalyst for events that will forever change Chris's world.

When Chris accidentally witnesses the switching of a murdered vagrant's body for his father's, he discovers that something is very wrong in Moonlight Bay -- and it seems to be emanating from the closed Army base, Fort Wyvern. When a nurse Chris has known all his life tries to confess what she knows, she is brutally murdered.

The night suddenly seems filled with danger and evil as a dangerous, non-human malevolence stalks Chris and the only two people he trusts, his girlfriend, Sasha Goodall, and childhood buddy, Bobby Halloway. As they grow closer to uncovering the town's deadly secret, the trail leads uncomfortably close to home.

Could Chris's mother have been the unwitting architect of events that now threaten to change the world as we know it?

The incomparable Dean Koontz gives readers a truly apocalyptic adventure ride guaranteed to terrify and thrill. With the action compacted to only two nights, the suspense in this novel barely allows you time to breathe. FEAR NOTHING is the first book in a trilogy that will feature further adventures of Chris Snow and his friends. (Feb., 400 pp., $26.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith