Lucia St. Clair Robson excels at bringing the lives of extraordinary women to the forefront of history. What she did for Cynthia Ann Parker in Ride the Wind she does for Sarah Bowman, long forgotten Texas heroine.

Having survived the Seminole campaign in Florida, six-foot-tall, strong willed and courageous Sarah heads for Texas where settlers are fighting for independence. Known for her fearless nature, sense of humor and compassion, Sarah becomes a laundress for General Zackery Taylors troops in Corpus Christi.

Even before the real battle begins, Sarah becomes a widow, but never considers returning home to Tennessee. Instead she stays with the soldiers she considers family.

Like Molly Pitcher she enters the smoky battlefields, tending the wounded. Sarah finds friendship and love again, as well as a fortune to be lost and many to care for as the war progresses and freedom is gained.

Few paint a picture of history with as fine a brushstroke as Ms. Robson. Readers hear, smell, taste and feel every gunshot, cannon ball and bullet wound. There is a liveliness and realism to FEARLESS that brings the turbulent era to life. (Sep., 416 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin