Inside the walls of St. Michaels Hospital for the Blind, Bellami James is an angel of mercy, working with blind children. Outside shes a mysterious veiled woman who hides her scarred cheek and avoids contact with anyone outside her family. Its only the thought of a helping a recently blinded boy in New Mexico that gives Bellami the courage to leave home.

Trace OBannion is a deputy blinded by a gunshot and his father has plotted to trick Bellami and get Trace the help he needs to rebuild his life. He forces the reluctant Trace and Bellami to work together by leaving them stranded on Traces ranch.

Sparks fly as Bellami pushes Trace to fend for himself. Gradually Trace finds meaning in his life and feelings for Bellami, but he cannot believe she would want a blind man. When it becomes apparent that Trace may regain his sight, Bellami fears Traces miracle will end her dream.

Touching and emotional, FEARLESS HEARTS brings two wounded spirits a chance to heal. Not since Christina Dodds A Candle in the Window has a book so sensitively portrayed blindness and the beauty of a love that heals all. SENSUAL (Mar., 299 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Royce