Although she's not looking for a serious relationship, Taleah Taylor can't help but fall for charismatic Air Force sergeant Lorenz Hampton. After a brief courtship he proposes marriage to her, and Taleah is torn. She's never been apart from her family before, and Lorenz wants her to move to Japan with him. Does Taleah have what it takes to become a military wife?

This is a sweet, romantic tale, unlike any of HudsonSmith's previous novels. The characters possess strong moral and spiritual beliefs, and the gregarious Taleah is the perfect complement to the steadfast Lorenz. But the author counts on readers already being privy to many military terms that are never explained. Stronger chemistry between the main characters could have boosted this novel from average to memorable, but military fans should find it a pleasant read. (Jun., 299 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton