Image of Fearless Hope: A Novel


Image of Fearless Hope: A Novel

While obedient to the Amish faith, the heroine is truly brilliant as she questions some of the rules that keep her from fulfilling her dreams. The hero is charmingly clueless about Amish culture and sadly unaware of God’s personal interest in him; these traits make him all the more endearing to readers who have had doubts of their own.

Logan Parker’s life is consumed by the pressures of his writing career and his ambitious whirlwind of a fiancée, Marla. When his drinking gets out of control, he goes to Holmes County, Ohio, on a short trip that leads to months of immersing himself in the Amish community. He employs recent widow Hope Yoder to keep house, but this encourages gossip about the nature of their relationship. Logan’s sense of déjà vu eventually leads to the revelation of an explosive secret that shatters his sense of who he is and where he belongs. (HOWARD, Apr., 384 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kerry Sutherland