As an African American living in Watts in the 1950s, Paris Minton wants to be left alone to live his life and to read. In fact, hes opened a used bookstore where he happily spends his days.

Fate, in the form of Elana Love, walks into his bookstore. Before you know it an ugly thug named Leon follows her and tries to shorten Paris life span. Shortly after that, Paris doesnt even own a bookstore.

Paris needs help from his old friend Fearless Jones. Fearless is exactly what his name implies and loyal to a fault. He finds a connection between Leon and an older man named Sol Tannenbaumbut when Fearless and Paris track them down the trouble continues and the killings begin.

As haunting as Cornell Woolrichs great noir classic Phantom Lady, FEARLESS JONES paints a colorful and evocative picture of Watts in the 50s. Brimming with memorable characters, tense situations and hard-won wisdom, FEARLESS JONES is prime Walter Mosley. (Jun., 320 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg