Image of The Fearless Maverick


Image of The Fearless Maverick
THE FEARLESS MAVERICK (4.5) by Robyn Grady: Champion race car driver Alex Wolfe is not going to let his injury stop him; he’s determined to find a physical therapist he can manipulate to his terms at his speed and his specifications -- anything he can to stay number one. Libby Henderson became a physiologist to help athletes like she used to be, so she knows Alex’s game and she’s not playing. Their attraction is strong but secrets from both their pasts will shadow them. Will it also keep them apart? This fast-paced romance will grab readers from the start and not let go, with unforgettable characters, excellent witty and descriptive dialogue and a plot that gives us incredible in-depth detail -- it reads like a much longer novel.
Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt