Image of The Feather


Image of The Feather

Lack of continuity and minimal character development make this a barely readable attempt at a time-travel romance. Other than the sexual gymnastics, this story doesn’t seem to have any real purpose; there is never a clear motivation or explanation for the characters’ transposition. You’ll be mystified trying to figure out that feather.

Lawyers Meredith and James are the key negotiators when his company absorbs hers in a takeover. Each of them daydreams about the other. Then, during one of their after-hours trysts, James uses a mystical feather on Meredith and she is transported back to 1844 England.

She is now Margaret, a courtesan in training, and meets Gavin (James) in Hyde Park. When she returns to the present time period, Meredith is calling out the name of a strange man and James is not pleased. Running parallel to this drama is the uncertainty, in Meredith’s mind, about her future with the newly merged companies. He assumes that they will continue to work together, while she has no such illusions. (HEAT, Jun., 294 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Laura Ellis