There's nothing Boston graduate student Chloe Carter loves more than gourmet food and a good mystery
to sink her teeth into. In this fourth scrumptious Gourmet Girl novel, all
the ingredients are present for a delectable mystery -- an appealing heroine,
a heinous crime, several possible suspects and some madcap wedding antics. Recipes are also included to entice readers.

Chloe's summer is winding down, and she has more on her plate than ever. Her very pregnant best friend, Adrianna, is getting married, and Chloe is helping with wedding preparations -- as well as selling rain barrels for her parents' environmentally friendly landscaping company. Furthermore, her chef boyfriend, Josh, is competing in a reality-TV cooking show where he selects candidates from a grocery store and prepares a gourmet meal at their home.

When a woman becomes violently ill and dies after eating Josh's meal, something smells foul, and Chloe is convinced that Josh has been set up. To bring the killer to justice, she has to determine who had the most to gain -- the deceased's husband, Josh's competitors or someone else entirely? (BERKLEY PRIME CRIME, Feb., 304 pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Sandra Martin