Image of Feel the Heat (Black Ops, Inc.)


Image of Feel the Heat (Black Ops, Inc.)

The Black Ops, Inc. team must stop a disaster of monumental proportions. This espionage thriller is on fast-forward as the red-hot Gerard starts the countdown clock. For this heroine, breaking into the tightly knit warrior's club is a challenge, especially when she's feeling something other than anger toward infuriatingly sexy Rafe. Edge-of-your-seat perfection!

The first time defense intelligence agent B.J. Chase ran into Black Ops operative Rafe Mendoza was during a botched operation in Bogotá. So she isn't thrilled when his team takes over her new assignment. Electromagnetic pulse bomb technology was stolen, and B.J. works undercover with NSA operative Stephanie Tomkins to find the traitor responsible, making Stephanie a target for assassination.

SInce the Tompkins family is the adopted family of the Black Ops team, everyone is alerted. What they discover horrifies them. If what they know is correct, then an EMP bomb will be detonated in the next week. (POCKET STAR, Oct., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith