Meader’s Hot in the Kitchen series will have readers drooling over the heroine and heroine — and the dishes served. The first installment features a hot chef, a luscious restaurant manager and a cook-off that heats up everything and everybody.

Lili DeLuca had once planned to attend graduate school and become a photographer, but her mother’s illness and the trouble at her family’s Italian restaurant have changed those plans, and now she is the restaurant manager. When well-known British chef Jack Kilroy requests a cook-off with Lili’s father — a feat arranged by her sister — it’s a chance to save the restaurant. Jack is burnt out from being a celebrity chef, and he’s tired of the endless work days and lack of privacy. During a midnight check of the kitchen where the challenge will be filmed, Jack cooks up several test dishes to show Lili that he’s the real deal, and chemistry quickly cooks up between them. Then a picture of Jack kissing Lili goes viral. Will his critical fans chase Lili away? (FOREVER, Jan., 384 pp., $6.00, ISBN: 9781455599592)

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Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan